Credit card payment

We have agreements with secure encrypted payments (3D Secure).
Payson offers credit card payment, online banking, billing, sms payment
You see all the payment options at checkout and will also be linked to Payson payment page.

We reserve the right to not process orders if we believe that we have reasons for this (e.g. at the suspicion of fraudulent purchases).
If so, no money is deducted on the card and your order will be deleted.

Your payment is made on an SSL-encrypted page by Payson or PayPal.
Denmark, Finland and Norway can only pay with Euros via, currency rate updated daily.

Consult our Guide below to see how to implement a payment in cash.


In cooperation with the Payson Sweden AB We can offer payment via invoice, this will give you your order before you pay.

• When paying by invoice, social security number/organisation number specified.
• Delivery is done without exception to the customer's registered address.

Terms of payment 14 days. For late payment is based on the statutory reminder fee more info at 

Invoicing charge 29kr apply.

The usual credit assessment is carried out and the delivery is carried out only to the registered address.
The invoice will be sent to your email address.

Denmark, Finland, Noge may NOT Act on the Bill.

When you cancel an order not yet shipped we will refund to you typically within 1-2 days.

Consult our Guide below to see how to implement a payment in cash.

Shopping Guide "Basket Fund"

Once you find a product you wish to purchase so, begin by selecting
1. Select quantity/number of 
2. choose available color
3. Add to cart


You now get a confirmation that the product is placed in the shopping cart and you can choose

1. Continue shopping, if you want to add other products to the shopping cart.
2. go to checkout if you are ready and want to pay.

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Payment process Step 1 of 5

Here you see the summary of your products and what they cost, and address information.
Verify that all information is correct, and then click GO to CHECKOUT.

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Step 2 Log In

You do not need to register to shop with us, would you sign up you will get access to deals
and can even see your purchases and see oderprocesser, invoices etc.

1. Select Quick CASH if you do not want to create an account, please note that you must fill in all fields marked with a star.
    The bottom reads you PUL (person Upgifts Act) and agree, we store no personal information other than
    What is required to complete a purchase, see below.

2. Do you want to register and take advantage of our news, promotions, and sweepstakes, tävingar 
    Don't forget to check the newsletter, you can cancel at any time and we'll send max
    one mailing a month.

3. Proceed to checkout

Steg 2 Logga In
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Step 3 Address

1. check that the address is correct and you can also add a comment if it would
    be something you want to pay attention to us. 

2. Proceed to checkout


Step 4-delivery

1. Here you can see how your shipment will be delivered, estimated delivery time and delivery costs
    NOTE! We always have FREE SHIPPING within UNITED STATES only Denmark, Norway and Finland that there will be a delivery charge.

2. read through our terms and conditions and indicate that you confirmed the verdict.

3. Proceed to checkout

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STEP 5-payment options

This will now show a total amount and you now have the oder to choose the payment option that's right for you.
Please note that all of our payment services lies with the respective business page IE, you will be connected
automatically forwarded to their encrypted payment solutions. 
Payson pay by credit card, internet banking or sms. Payson has 3D secure encryption which means that your debit card
must be authenticated with Verified by Visa which is done in your PC Banking.
Have you shopped on the internet before so you are guaranteed to have already done this or you can read more about this here
or visit for more information.

Select pay with internet banking so locks you into your bank's website and log in as usual
subsequently carried your purchase with your bankdosa. 
PayPal for those of you who use this sooner and have a registered account.
Payson Invoice costs 29: and you have 14-day payment period. You passed here on to Payson
requesting your social security number and/or credit check. The invoice is sent via your email address, so be sure to mention
the correct address. Any reminders sent to your home address by post.

Do you have questions about orders and payments? Please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will help you.

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