Delivery time

Normal delivery time in stock goods are a (1-2) working days within Sweden (Orders where all goods are in stock, ships within 24 hours)
Exceptions can occur at very high order intake, then the delivery time be one or a few days extra.
Other Nordic countries about 3-4 days.

Is someone being out of stock due to ev diff in inventory systems or similar you will be notified via email so it is important that you provide the correct email address.

No additional shipping charges apply for partial deliveries that take place on our initiative.

Partial delivery

By contacting customer service You can request to have your order dellevererad, then this is even without the extra shipping cost.

Shipping cost

All products on Caseonline are free shipping within Sweden!
The rest of Denmark, Finland and Norway are the shipping cost during checkout.

Modes of delivery

We have sammarbetsavtal in the mail Sweden AB

Delivery confirmation

You can track your order status via your account.

Track delivery

Any tracking number of the record is sent in a separate email.
You can track your package at if you stated your phone number in your order.

Change of transport operations

A package is left with the officers in 14 days before it is returned to the sender. (Not required for Bulky mail)

If you accidentally entered the wrong address or zip code, and the order is sent from us, we need to carry out a "change of transport operations". You must then contact customer service in order to implement the change. The change will cost 219 kr which we will invoice you after the fact. The freight forwarder has at least 24 hour turnaround time for such a change.

Not collected shipment

Not collected shipment will be charged return shipping cost and the new actual shipping cost. At delivery fixed return shipping charge quotations on request/new shipping charge on shipment weight/volume.
Not collected shipment without tracking number (Bulky mail) will be charged the actual shipping cost.

Damaged goods

Damage to packaging/outer packaging as well as non-visible damage should be reported to the record Sweden AB within a reasonable period of time. Visible damage is reported with advantage directly at uthämtande. Complaint and claim can be made with your agent, via or in contact with the record Sweden AB via 020-23 22 21. All packaging must be saved for possible inspection. Reconnect always to customer service @ with the claim number when you made a complaint at the post office.