At the fashion mistakes/regrets, you pay the return costs.
Always contact customer service prior to returning the product,
All returns are always with the order number and your name.


Complaints due to a product defect or if we sent you the wrong product because of mistakes in logistics, we are for return cost
Always contact customer service prior to returning the product.  

Caseonline replaces NON-shipping costs prior to the contact with the customer service!

If we determine that a product is not faulty as covered by factory warranty returned product
the shipping cost (Reply post return á 39 kr, MyPack return á £ 10) and debugging cost á 99 kr incl VAT.

Before the customer may be charged additional repair or troubleshooting costs, asked the customer.

Claim of be must be provided within a reasonable time from you as a customer discovered, or ought to have discovered the defect.
We comply with the consumer purchased the law.

In order to avoid unnecessary complaints, it is a good idea to first contact us if you are unsure if your product really needs to be claimed.

The dispute follows ARN's recommendations.