Help! What are my model number on my mobile phone? 

Not sure what your model number on your cell phone/smartphone?

Quiet you are not alone in this, there will be new models almost every day and many
models see also the same but it is enough that it distinguishes one millimeter to your mobile accessories
not fit when almost all shell, mobile wallets and protection is custom.

We'll show examples of how you can find your model number. It differs a bit between the different manufacturers but the principle is the same.

1. Press until your icons on the screen
2. Locate the settings/settings, usually an icon with wrenches or a gear. (press)
3. In the list that comes up, usually at the bottom it says If, on the Device or On the phone the icon wont look like a ( in ) (press)
4. In the list that comes up is model number/model on some models, you choose phone identity in order to obtain it.
5. Go to Enter your phone brands and this medellnummer and press the Search so will your phone model up.

   Example: Samsung N9005 search results = Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Here are a few sample pictures of what it might look like on the various menus.

Hitta ditt modellnummer