In Sweden, we got a new law on July 1, based on the new European directives. A team that's part in order to make electronic communications more secure for the visitor. Simply protecting its integrity. This law change management and information about cookies (so called cookies) on websites or other methods to store personal data for tracking.

There have been demands that you have to inform if it uses cookies or not. These have now become considerably stricter and must give full details of all cookies. This applies to both the cake and the purpose of it. The big difference is that in the past handed it with the ability to "opt-out", now required before acceptance.

The summary of the cakes (cookies)

A cookie (cookie) is a small text file that websites save on the website visitor's computer (in your browser). The purpose and use of cookies are many. Among the most important is to allow certain types of functionality that enhances the user experience.  It is often a matter of functionality that requires the "recognize" visitor. This can be long term and short term.

More information can be found at PTS (Post and Telecommunications Board)